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Question no.1

What is the Sew For Your Life Challenge?

I have this idea that sewing can be more than utilitarian. I mean, it is certainly that. Look around you. You’re probably comfortably sitting on something sewn, and unless you’re checking out my blog in the nude (your prerogative), you’re wearing something sewn. We use sewn items in every room of our homes, in so many aspects of our lives.

There are like-minded individuals who have decided that sewing can also be an artform. Pop onto Pinterest or follow these folks on Instagram and sewists (sewing artists) the world-over will inspire magical new ideas in you. The colors, textures, and patterns sewing brings together showcase imagination, resourcefulness, and originality, the same as any artform.

These concepts are a big part of why we’re all here on this webpage, right? We find sewn items not only useful, but inspiring and beautiful, too. I also happen to believe that there’s another layer to it all.

I believe that sewing can be a therapeutic means to self-care.


Yes, even after countless hours bonding with my seam ripper, I believe that the creativity and practicality of sewing is good for my soul. So, whether you are brand new to sewing, looking to master some skills you’ve already learned, or you’re a sewing goddess who just needs to make something for yourself for a change, I believe the Sew For Your Life challenge will be good for your soul, too.

The projects you’ll find here are broken up into 7 categories, all of which are areas in most people’s lives where a little self-care, organization, and creativity could go a long way towards improving happiness overall.

We’ll walk through the planning process – sketching, measuring, picking fabrics, etc. – then I’ll show you step-by-step how to complete each project. Each post is designed to help you prep and execute the projects. I often get hung up in the idea phase, over-complicating it, then never following through. When we are left with an incomplete project, even the initial idea, no matter how brilliant, seems like a failure.

This will feel like a win, or hopefully, a lot of wins all adding up!


I have even designed the perfect tool, your very own Sewist’s Journal, to help keep you organized and moving thoughtfully through projects.  None of the projects will be so hard that they make you throw your hands up and walk away. And all of them are designed to be useful once completed. But even taking the time to do something for you, something creative, that’s the main purpose.

The most important thing is that, right here, right now, you commit to setting aside a little time each week for you. Plan and tackle projects. Improve your world with useful and beautiful sewn items. Feed your soul with creativity, you amazing Sewist, you!

I believe in self-care through creativity and I believe in you! Ready? Set!


Sew for your life!

Question no.2

Who is even writing this?

Hi! I’m Hannah, wife, mama, sewist, and embroidery digitizer.


Five years ago, I fell into this amazing industry when I accepted a marketing gig for an embroidery company. It didn’t take long for me to realize marketing didn’t feed my soul, but embroidery and sewing sure did!


I trained under the best of the best in the industry. Now, as an embroidery digitizer I’ve produced hundreds of designs for hobbyists around the world. I’ve had the great pleasure of teaching embroidery, sewing, and digitizing seminars across the country, helping to design courses for 2-day seminars and as well as tutorials for independent learners. Sew For Your Life brings together my love of sewing and teaching, and a passion for discovering self-love through creativity.

Let's connect! Follow me on social media or send me a message on the Contact page.

hugs & stitches,