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Journal + Sew

Why is the Sewist’s Journal important? Why not develop the Sewist's App?


I love my iPad. I do. It’s a sleek, sexy piece of technology that makes my life easier and better every single day. It keeps me connected to my friends and family, it keeps me engaged with everyone who follows Sew For Your Life on social media. It shows me beautiful and inspiring things on my Pinterest and Instagram. So why didn’t I make a SFYL App?

While I’m looking at Instagram, I will probably get a notification from Facebook. While I’m responding to someone there, I will probably get a text from my husband telling me to check my email for an article he knows I’ll enjoy. As soon as I pop over there, I see that I have several emails that need my attention. Before I know it, my focus is pulled in a dozen directions and I find myself watching videos of puppies and their unlikely companions instead of doing something. Can you relate?

By writing in a journal we can accomplish more on a deeper level.

Not only are you more likely to be free from distractions like your phone or tablet, writing by hand also forces you to be more thoughtful about what you’re writing. You can more fully process the project’s plan as a whole, and I know that when I write something down, I’m more likely to remember it.

But wouldn’t an app be faster? Most times, despite every urge to run full speed ahead, what we really need is to slow down in order to speed up. By writing, thinking, planning, and processing before we begin a project, we can move through it much faster. Because I thoughtfully created a game plan, I’m less likely to encounter pitfalls, or, at least, I know better where they might crop up and I can already be problem solving long before I get there. Because I wrote everything down by hand, my brain is more likely to recall that information while I’m working on my project, so I can keep going without checking an app every few minutes.


The Sewist’s Journal Templates are designed to provide optimal organization and productivity for your sewing journey.

The project planning templates will help you more efficiently plan and organize each project. Set individual project goals for the techniques you hope to master or the creative refresh you’re looking for. Organize your notions and materials, and include swatches of your fabrics for reference. There’s plenty of room to sketch out your design and include a photo of your completed project. Jot down wins, different approaches for next time, or inspiration for future makes.

The Journal also includes pages for you to log your overall goals, create a game plan for tackling unfinished projects, and celebrate your accomplishments. The Journal is a great way to plan projects, but it’s more than that. It gives you the whole picture, from beginning to end.


As you start, ask yourself, what you hope to gain when it comes to your sewing skills, creativity, and self-care? Within each area of your life, where do you hope to see changes? When you get to the end of the Journal, review these same topics and I’m certain you’ll find that your goals at the outset have seen improvements, been met, or even exceeded.


Set it up

It's easy! Pop over to the Templates page to download your free Sewist's Journal templates. You can download them by sections, individual pages, or, if your just starting out, the #startsomewhere pack gives you one of everything! 

All you'll need is love...oh, and!

  • a 1-inch 3-ring binder | the OFFICIAL Sew For Your Life binder (as seen above) is available at Zazzle.com!

  • a set of dividers | I like these by Avery because I can make them pretty with the downloadable divider designs and printable tabs!

  • a 3-hole punch

I also like to keep the following on hand...

  • glue dots | for securing swatches and photos to my pages - washi tape or paperclips work too, if you prefer.

  • a camera | I like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 for vintage-looking instant photos, but there are other options, like photo printers that connect to your smart phone.

  • sheet protectors | these are great for adding magazine pages and such to my Inspiration pages.

Organize it, settle into a cozy spot, and journal away! I'll be posting about ways to get the most out of your journal as well as lots of projects to keep you creating!

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time. You do not have to fill out the whole journal in a sitting or two. Who even has that kind of time? The Sew For Your Life Challenge is easily broken into bite-sized pieces. 

  • Take a few minutes as you can to find a quiet place to jot down thoughts and consider the Mindfulness prompts.

  • Before you begin a category, that's when you should fill out it's specific goal sheet. That way, as you are working on projects in that category, those thoughts are fresh and driving you forward. 

  • For each new project, begin by filling out a Project Planning template.